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Modular sofas

With a modular sofa, you are free to create your own personal seating arrangement. Choose from a variety of modules, types of cushions, seating comfort, colours, and fabrics to create a sofa that is perfect for you and the room.

Sussex modular sofa

The Sussex modular sofa has soft lines and a modern cut.

From EUR 2 568

Maddox modular sofa

The Maddox modular sofa comes in 25 different modules that can be combined in an infinite number of ways.

From EUR 1 145

Elliot modular sofa

Elliot is a generous modular sofa with extra seating depth.

From EUR 1 232

Dublin modular sofa

The Dublin modular sofa is a timeless classic available in a range of styles.

From EUR 1 013

Cordian modular sofa

Cordian – a stylish, classic and comfortable modular sofa.

From EUR 3 290