Hopp til innhold

As humans, we fill rooms and places with our stories and experiences. Our home – the environment in which we do this – reinforces and shapes the stories and experiences we become a part of. It all contributes to defining who we are. Therefore, the space around us becomes an extension of ourselves.

Our factory is located in the furniture village Stranda, the place where the Slettvoll family business originated. Stranda has always been important to the Slettvoll family, who still live there, and quality has always been at the heart of the company since it was founded in 1951. With our roots firmly planted among the majestic, World Heritage level natural surroundings, protecting the environment has always been in our nature.

An Eco-Lighthouse

As part of our environmental commitment, we work consciously in accordance with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and towards a circular business model. We have also worked hard to develop good procedures and systems in order to become a certified Eco-Lighthouse company. This means we have complete control over everything from purchasing procedures to documentary collection. From electricity consumption to waste sorting. From design and product development to the selection of raw materials, which are primarily developed in collaboration with local suppliers.

Each piece of furniture is built to last and the components are carefully selected based on their high quality. At the same time, we commit to maintaining and improving the high standards we have set for our environmental work.

At Slettvoll, we've always aimed to go above and beyond. Not just because it is expected of us, but because it is part of our culture. Our craftsmen have years of experience and take pride in every piece of furniture they create. We are proud of who we are and where we come from. And because we have a genuine passion for creating homes that are good to live in, our sustainable values have always been ingrained in us. And this is how we will continue to work moving forward.

“In a world where we use and discard, the desire to create beautiful, lasting furniture is an important driving force."

Torill Slettvoll