Hopp til innhold

Our philosophy

As humans, we fill rooms and places with our stories and experiences. Our home – the environment in which we do this – reinforces and shapes the stories and experiences we become a part of. It all contributes to defining who we are. Therefore, the space around us becomes an extension of ourselves.

What unites us at Slettvoll is the belief that our homes help shape us as human beings. It defines who we are and the lives we live. It helps us feel secure in a sense of belonging and shared experiences. This inspires us to reflect, socialise, discover and create.

We all have our own opinions and ideas about what a home should be. Because we are different. And, because our lives are so different, we design furniture and coherent homes that complement the story we want to be a part of. A home we want to invite family, friends and acquaintances into - that is a natural extension of who we are and the lives we share.

Because ultimately, it is in our homes that our lives meet, develop and connect.

Welcome Home.