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How to design the ideal outdoor space for sunny days and romantic summer evenings

There are always high expectations for summer weather, and we northerners value the ability to fully utilise our terrace or garden. That is why it is a good idea to have an outdoor space that allows for sun, light and pleasant gatherings with family and friends.

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For many people, spring is the time to get the house and garden ready for the outdoor season. We have everything you need to make your patio or terrace perfect, and on our website you can simply "click and reserve".» outdoor furniture from Slettvoll You can choose whether to collect the items yourself, have them delivered to your home, or have them installed for you in your garden or on your terrace.

"Creating an outdoor space where people can thrive over time is very important to us."

Every spring, Slettvoll store manager Gunn Vasshus and her colleagues help to create comprehensive solutions in all types of outdoor spaces, whether on balconies and terraces, or in gardens of all sizes.

“After all, home is where you should feel most at ease and what you always feel drawn back to. Therefore, having good relationships with our customers, preferably over time, means a lot to us.” According to Gunn, the better we know the customers, their history and their home, the better equipped we are to help create good solutions - including outdoor spaces that should complement the style of the rest of the home.

If you require help with furnishing, just click on furnishing assistance on the website, or contact your nearest store.

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The function of an outdoor space

The outdoor space comes with high expectations, as it it utilized during a part of the year that has become particularly important for us Norwegians. Therefore, having a plan can make it easier to choose furniture that can suit both our needs and personal style.

In the new summer catalogue, you can find inspiration and information about both timeless collections and the latest designs.

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As you would with the interior of your home, it’s a good idea to do a needs analysis before you start. There are many things to consider: Who will use the area the most and what will you/they do here? Should there be a dining area, do you want to accommodate a large number of guests, should any special needs of children or teenagers be met, is there room for sun loungers and where should the barbecue and outdoor plants be placed?

Many people who contact us want an outdoor room for a wide range of uses, as well as a stylish appearance and high-quality, functional furniture.

Here you can book an appointment with one of our interior designers and get advice on how to create your own private oasis. 

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A collection adapted to the Nordic climate

A flexible collection made using quality materials that can withstand weather and wind, offering sofa and dining groups, sun loungers, chairs, and a fantastic hammock. One of this year's favourites is our Durban dining chairs, which have a modern but timeless design and can be easily stowed away when not in use.

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Details that make a difference

Once the furniture is in place, there are a few ideas for creating an atmospheric patio for both sunny days and late summer evenings.

Garden furniture and fabrics in natural colours will provide a soft and pleasant transition to the rest of the garden and outdoor environment.

An outdoor carpet creates a clear base for the furniture. The carpet can be ordered to measure so that it fits the outdoor space in which it will be used.

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Think carefully about where the dining area will be positioned. It can be a little uncomfortable to eat in direct sunlight, so you should protect yourself with a parasol or awning. The dining area can also be placed in shade with the help of tall plants or shrubs in decorative pots.

The x-factor in all furnishing is the interior details. Feel free to combine different materials and use multiple glass lanterns within the same colour palette. You can also create an atmosphere with our outdoor lights, Tristar and Dome.

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Combining materials to create harmony

Our summer catalogue contains several Slettvoll classics, such as “Marty”» - a completely unique design, which comes as sofa sets, dining sets, hammock and sun bed. The combination of materials such as aluminium, teak and wicker is very exciting in both "Marty”» and, new this year, “Cape”» - which combines materials with a more minimalist touch. 

For all of our garden furniture, the impression is stylish and timeless, with a combination of materials that expresses a balance between the organic and the industrial - the soft and the solid.

All our furniture is made of very durable materials, which withstand the Nordic summer year after year. Together, they represent Slettvoll's design signature - simple, stylish and warm.

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Practical outdoor space in your own style

In a country with a lot of weather, it's not always easy to create a harmonious patio or terrace under the sun. When the heavens open, it’s important to have simple solutions that allow you to focus on other tasks besides cleaning cushions.

In addition to being machine-washable, Slettvoll's fabrics are also water-repellent for both salt water and chlorinated water. The new Cape range also features cushions that dry more quickly in the sun if exposed to a light shower. Nevertheless, we recommend getting protective covers for all your outdoor furniture. They are fitted specifically for each piece of furniture and are easy to pull over. In addition, you don’t need a bag for cushions taking up space on the patio. When not in use, the covers can easily be stored in a basket.

With all of this in place, you can take full advantage of your outdoor space and turn it into an integral part of your home that you look forward to returning to.

Have a great summer!

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Get advice from an interior designer

Want more inspiration for furnishing your terrace, garden or veranda? Book an appointment with one of our interior designers to get advice and guidance for your interior design project. Book an appointment without obligation.