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The freedom to dream a little bigger

Now you can lease furniture and household items for your home. With leasing, you pay a monthly sum, and when the leasing period is over, you can completely restyle your interior with a clear conscience. We make sure your old furniture is refreshed and looked after so that it gets a new life in a new home.

Who is leasing suitable for?

Leasing is perfect if you care for our community, not wanting to contribute to increasing consumption and waste, and you love to play with different styles, try out bolder colour choices and like to just change things up. Life is full of surprises, so maybe you have found yourself having to move somewhere bigger or smaller, which, of course, means you will now have different furniture needs. It’s in situations like these when leasing with monthly payments is a practical solution, since you don’t have to tie up capital in furniture.

If you choose leasing with Slettvoll, you are helping to give your furniture an even longer life, without having to think about the work and environmental impact involved in replacing it. Leasing is currently only available in Norway.

How it works

1. The choice is yours: At Slettvoll, you can choose freely to lease from our selection of furniture, rugs, lighting or garden furniture for a monthly sum. If you want help choosing, our skilled interior designers will be happy to help you, whether you want to renew your sofas or furnish an entire home. Please see the selection in our catalogue.

2. Safely delivered: Once our artisans have finished their masterpieces, we move straight on to delivery*, where we assemble your furniture and put everything in the right place for you in your home. Leasing with us includes a maintenance agreement* where we pay you an annual home visit. Here we treat your leather and textile furniture, oil wooden furniture and give you bespoke maintenance advice tailored to your furniture needs. 

*The cost of delivery and the maintenance agreement is determined as needed for each individual leasing agreement.

3. Terminate or renew: When the leasing period is over, you can choose to terminate the agreement, buy the furniture at a reduced price or start a new leasing period with brand new furniture. In that case, we of course take the old furniture back and take good care to prepare it for its new owners, so that it can continue the sustainable life cycle you helped with.

At Slettvoll, you can lease furniture for both the home and outdoors.
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Easy payment

How much you pay monthly will depend on the furniture you choose, your starting capital and the length of the agreement. You can choose between 3-, 4-, and 5-year leasing periods. When you enter into a leasing agreement, you pay an initial capital of at least 20% of the furniture’s total price. The sum is included as part of your total payment. Higher initial capital means lower monthly rent. The minimum sum to enter into a leasing agreement is NOK 100,000. See price examples below.

Price examples*

1. Furniture for NOK 100,000, 3-year leasing period:
20% initial capital. Monthly amount NOK 1707. Establishment fee NOK 2500. 30% residual value.

2. Furniture for NOK 250,000, 3-year leasing period:
20% initial capital. Monthly amount NOK 4266. Establishment fee NOK 2500. 30% residual value.

3. Furniture for NOK 250,000, 5-year leasing period:
20% initial capital. Monthly amount NOK 3237. Establishment fee NOK 2500. 20% residual value.

4. Furniture for NOK 500,000, 5-year leasing period:
20% initial capital. Monthly amount NOK 6475. Establishment fee NOK 2500. 20% residual value.

*Figures include VAT.

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Want to find out more?

Want to know more about how you can lease furniture for your home? Contact your nearest Slettvoll shop for a no-obligation conversation. We are happy to help.

Frequently asked questions

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