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A rug is an essential element of any room, both aesthetically and practically, when for creating the perfect ambience of style and comfort.

At our store, you'll find a wide selection of rugs that can be customised to fit your home and your needs. They are made to measure and can be ordered in your choice of shape and size you desire - large or small, round or square. Our collection offers both natural and synthetic materials, suitable for a variety of purposes. Some of the rugs in the collection is also designed for outdoor use, contributing to the creation of luxurious and inviting outdoor spaces.

You can also select from a variety of edging and fringes, in materials including cotton, linen, wool, or leather, to match the rug to the rest of your interior.

When choosing the perfect rug for your room, our interior designers are on hand to assist you. In the store, you can peruse material samples, and receive helpful advice on material selection as well as how a new rug can elevate your entire interior.

Your choice of material is critical in ensuring that a rug meets expectations and is also suitable for its proposed location.

Synthetic materials such as polyester and polyamide are ideal for areas with high wear and tear. Polyester is robust and has a thick pile, making it easy to wipe away liquid spills. Polyamide has a dense structure that contributes to good sound insulation, although liquids penetrate the fibres a little faster.

In our collection, we also offer natural materials such as high-quality wool from New Zealand. Wool is resistant to liquid and odor while providing a soft feel. Sisal, one of the world's strongest natural fibers, has self-cleaning properties, but requires gentle cleaning with a little water or a vacuum cleaner.

Give your floor a lift

Slettvoll's collection of rugs is curated to complement our furniture and our rich selection of textiles - through colour, design and material - creating coherence and style for any interior.

Contact us, and we'll help you find what suits you and your home best.